Sunday, January 21, 2007

The new medical clinic in Ezbet El Nakhel

It is done. The medical clinic at the Joy School in Ezbet El Nakhel (Garbage City) is waiting for us to arrive. Nabil Farouk, and Peter Omran and the many people who worked on this clinic are blessed!!

We leave in a few weeks and expect to see a large number of patients. Medicines still need to be recieved, medical equipment still needs to be unpacked, and the medical team still neeeds to be in prayer!!

The Medical Mercy team is anxious to go. We have worked together in 3 countries, have made as many as 7 trips together, seen as many as 15,000 patients in less than 2 years, and have witnessed Christ's love in countless of desolate places in the world that some people don't even know exist.

We still have alot to do. We still have alot to pray about. We still have obstacles. But when it is all said and done, we still have Him with us, no matter what.

In all things give thanks,

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

'tis the season....or is it?

We just got back from a Christmas cruise to the Mexican Riveria. "Christmas" was a very absent word however on that ship. On board there were few decorations, a few token garlands, one very small, skinny 4 foot tall tree stuck in a corner, and no "Have a Merry Christmas" from the crew. You'd think we were on a tanker ship.

The reason given was this: "Our ship last year was beautifully decorated with trees, lights, and lots of garland but we got a lot of complaints. So in order to be politcally correct and to avoid what happened last year, we nixed Christmas." There you have it.

But wait a minute. Aren't there a lot of people, and I mean alot of people, who are not believers who go out and buy "Christmas presents" put up "Christmas trees" and enjoy the "Christmas holiday parties" and days off of work? So, why when it's convenient for them to enjoy "Christams" it's okay, but when it's not convenient, they make a stink? Simple. 'tis the season of "it's all about me attitude."

Why not just call "Christmas" a "Winter Festival" and keep the trees, the decorations, and the present giving? That would make a lot of people happy. And for those who are believers, keep "Christmas" for what it is supposed to be: a celebration of a very special birth. We rejoice in His coming then and in His coming again.

'tis the all things, give thanks.