Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ethiopa Assessment Trip January 2008

Ethiopia: an African country, unique in its needs, beautiful in its own way. For 7 days, I traveled with my close friend Peter Omran and Getachew, the field director for our projects in Ethiopia. We saw 8 projects, traveled by car a long distance and flew even further, to see all the projects that MoM has there. There are close to 3000 children, all in various stages of growth, development and health. The pictures will speak for themselves.

What we can expect when we go is a large population of children with malaria, TB, malnutrution, chronic respiratory tract infections, and parasitic disease. The environment that these children live in are as expected: no water, no sanitation, one room with 10 people living in it, exposure to communicable diseases and no toilets. We'll have a lot to do, and alot to see. Wait for it. It's coming....

In all things give thanks,