Friday, October 26, 2012

One week from today...

Just when we think that everything is in place, the ground shakes and it all tumbles over. Such is the case with our well intentioned plans to go to Zimbabwe. A team of 26, planning for a year, stacks of credentials collected from the medical folk who were going, over 200 emails (yes I counted them), and a lot of behind the scenes work from a group of dedicated, tireless, and uncomplaining partners on the ground in Zimbabwe went all for naught in a matter of days. Getting approval from those who would credential us to practice medicine in Zimbabwe was not to be. New plan. Swaziland. It took just 3 days to pull it all together, with our partners in Swaziland openly agreeing to welcome us and to make flight changes, hotels, arrangements, and notify the team so that they could decide if the change in where we are going would change their heart for going. Nope, it didn't. So, off we go to Swaziland in one week to go to 5 projects, work with 48 health care workers, do public health education, first aid training, VBS, and more. We'll see patients, children and adults, making sure to do what we do best. Follow God's lead. And that's what it all comes down to. God's lead. I'll be traveling to Zimbabwe and Mozambique after Swaziland to see how we can help. So, if you are curious about how it all plays out, check back. In the meantime, I'm following my "leader". Him.

In all things give thanks,