Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cambodia: Wrap up

With a team of 12 from the US and a team of at least 20 from Cambodia, we did it. Our original estimates of patients seen over the 8 days was about 1700. Final counts from Kelly (boy) make it more like 2000. MoM children, villagers, teachers, and alot of others. The pace was fast, but thorough and the excitement was there. The spiritual side was awesome! Here is a quote from Kelly (boy) in an email he sent to me:

"The spiritual impact report is also still being put together but I know many were uplifted by the prayers of you as a team and our spiritual counselor team. The one morning I was there was a lady who asked me to pray for her for personal salvation. Obviously the seeds of faith had already been sown but your presence prompted her to make that commitment during the first hour of our village outreach (Dambok Khphua village)." Kelly Robinette

How great is that!! Cambodia was our first medical intervention and has been the country that we have been to the most. There are almost 4000 MoM children in the country and for that, we are thankful that the missionaries are there. We try to help the best we can.

My thanks to all who went on this trip, to all who helped, to all who stayed in prayer with and for us, and to all who thought of us. There is still so much more to done...

In all things give thanks,


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cambodia: Day 7 - Unbelievable!

We saw 520 children today in the village of Ang. Don't ask me how we did it but we did. The team ran like an oiled machine, the kids flowed to each of us to examine and off to the pharmacy they went, then off to get a vitamin and a worm pill on the way out. It was a great day, no drama, no sad stories, nothing to really talk about, other than the fact that we never missed a beat smiling as we saw all the children.

It is said that every turn brings you to a new place, either in location or in your heart. Our hearts today found a new place, a new sense of optimism, a new realization that there are still children in this world who are innocent enough not to relaize what they don't have and when they do, they really don't care. I saw that today. Torn shirts, broken sandals, dirty faces, and runny noses. But always smiling and thankful for the fact that we were there. How great is that. And the smiles on our faces showed how thankful we were to be there as well. Having nothing and having can happen, when we realize that having nothing is all the "stuff" that we thing we have until it's taken away from us, and having everything is simply having a faith in the one who is our Father. I saw it all today. The have's and the have not's. And I'm so glad to be one of the ones who "has".

In all things give thanks,