Sunday, August 20, 2006

And He will lift you up on eagles wings...

The moment was indescribable. Spontaneously, words were spoken, and prayers were formed. 15 teachers from the Care Points with outstretched arms, praising Him for what He was doing, filled the classroom with a feeling that came over me like I have never felt before. And this was just the first few minutes of the very first day of the Healthcare Workers training course. Over 5 days they learned basic anatomy, how to do a physical examination, common illnesses, first aid and CPR. They learned how to recognize a sick patient and how to stabilize, refer and transfer. By the last day they were able to do a full physical examination using a thermometer, blood pressure cuff. stethoscope, and pen light to exam the eyes, mouth, throat, neck, lungs, heart, and abdomen. The knew where all the organs were and how to palpate, listen to, and gently exam a hurting person.

In 5 days, these 15 lay teachers became healers. They will work with us when we go in October, and will be the healers that He has gifted to the Forgotten Children.

I was blessed by their love, their, committment, and their dedication. On the last day, they had me sit on a chair and they lifted me up above their heads as they prayed. I was overwhelmed, broken, and humbled. I was lifted up. I came to teach others how to be His hands, His servants. At that moment, I realized to whom I really belonged. "He will lift you up on eagles wings...." let Him take you were He wants you to go....for we are His always.

In all things, give thanks,