Friday, October 30, 2009

Haiti: and so it begins...

13 left Phoenix, picked up 2 more in Dallas, and 3 in Miami for a total of 18. 2 already in Dominican Republic. Grand total: 20 US team members. There are 5 DR members here, and we expect about 15-20 interpretors when we get to Haiti. Total team of about 40-50, perhaps more.

We made it to the DR with over 600 pounds of medicines, and had a short glitch at customs, but paper work helped, and after discussion, negotiation and persistence, we made it through. The team is ready, and we leave early in the am for Haiti. Thru customs again, and then into the country with hopefully all of our meds.

It interesting to see who we are on the 1st day, and who we will become by the last day. The changes are dramatic, in our emotions, our expectations, our outloook, and our understanding of life. We come with an attitude of "giving" and leave with a gratitude of "receiving". We always leave with more than we came with...I think you know what I mean. Our expectations are somewhat skewed until we realize that it is not about what, but about who. The greatest too we bring to the people we'll see in Haiti is ourselves. I'm excited to see how we'll use it. Tomorrow comes early and soon...and so it begins.

In all things give thanks,