Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reflections and updates

It’s been several weeks since I returned from Haiti and India, and the thoughts keep coming, the visions becoming more blurred, the memories still clearly present. And I reflect on the purpose, the intent, the meaning of that time. I learn little from my successes, but much from my failures. When I think of what we were able to accomplish in Haiti and what we left behind, I struggle to sit still and not get going again, back to where life remains dismal and people are perhaps being forgotten. It is just not in Haiti and India. It’s in all the countries we go to, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Swaziland, Egypt, and on and on. But, when the experience is fresh in one’s mind, like that of Haiti, and the slums of India, we tend to focus on that and use the older experiences as a way to feel like we will one day be okay with what we did. But the fact remains that there is much to be done yet in Haiti. There is much to be done really, everywhere. So we are looking to make a trip or 2 back to Haiti soon, sometime by the end of March and perhaps in July. I need to make sure that plans are solid, and that the implementation of those plans are assured and successful. That takes time. I’ll use our experience in Haiti from a few weeks ago and new information that is coming in daily, to make that happen For me, every time I glance behind me, I look twice to the future. That way, I hope to never forget.

In all things give thanks,