Friday, November 12, 2010

Update November 2010

A team leaves in a few hours for Cambodia. I unfortunately will not be going with them, so there will be no blogging at this site. Michael, our pastor will be blogging from his site so please follow them there, and on our Medical Mercy Facebook page. This will be a very special trip.


Some of you may be wondering about Haiti and what Medical Mercy and Mission of Mercy has wand will be doing there. Medical Mercy is taking a team to Haiti on January 2, 2011 and we’ll be up north near Cap Haitian and in the areas most hit by the refugees and in our projects. We’ll be working at an orphanage as well. When the cholera endemic hit, we put in to place an aggressive educational and prevention program. Here is what we know and what we have done so far:


•             The two areas in the North where the cholera is present is Cap Haitian and Lembe

•             MoM has gathered all the data on the living conditions of registered children.

•             Each partner has identified two members in there church that will help with the follow once the training is done.  They will make sure that each household understand what the necessary steps to prevent cholera.  They will also make sure that the items MoM will provide is being used properly.

•             MoM has identified who is using the water filters and the ones that are not using.  Additional water filters are being purchased and will be sent.

•             We have a doctor there  who is  helping with the training and has also with him enough oral rehydration kits to teach them on how to prepare and when to use it. 


In January we will be working on education, prevention, nutritional assessment, assessing residual complications of those affected by cholera, and doing ongoing medical care. I expect that we will be busy.


Pray for the Cambodian team. They have a long way to travel and a lot that will be done. Be with them as they do what they do for whom it is most important.


In all things give thanks,