Wednesday, January 11, 2012

India Clinic day 3

It’s not over. At least not for us. But the 3 days that we’ve spent in this small fishing community is. We have been holding clinics in this fishing village in the town of Puri, from which many of the children come from. DSC00698The village has a population of 25,000 and is considered the poorest of the environs of Puri. The poorest of the poor. DSC00688And that is what MoM does, finding and caring for the children who are far from the common place. We saw another 250 patients today, most of whom were children, sick, but still full of smiles. They perhaps know no better. For what they have is what they have and they wont for not. I sometimes wonder if I could be like that.DSC00696 What spoke today, was the story told about Pastor David, by Pastor David (it isn’t me). 39 years ago he was an alcoholic, a hit man for a mobster organization and a worshipper of the monkey god. That is the monkey god tattooed on his arm.DSC00728 He fell off his bike one day after drinking way too much, and woke to find a piece of paper next to him with a scripture verse on it that said “Jesus is God.” He wondered who could this one man be who claimed to be god, when there were so many other gods like his monkey god. Pastor David  went to a church the next morning and again the next day, and then the next, and for 365 days he went to church, studying the bible, listening to bible classes and found the way. He began pastoring in this fishing village and today he ha a congregation of over 900 people. He tends to the MoM children and served with us. What is it that made him change. He really could not put his finger on it, but he did say one thing. “A monkey god is simply that. A monkey god. But Jesus is a god that was man, who came to earth to carry our sins. How could I not believe in that?” He spoke in his broken English as the children ran and played around us. He looked at them and quietly said, “they too one day will hopefully see that the monkey is just a monkey.” I took his hand and we prayed together. And the children played.

In all things give thanks,