Wednesday, October 09, 2013

India clinic day 3

Almost 5 hours from where we were based, on winding roads, so narrow that only one bus can move in any direction, is where we are now. We'll stay here until we return at the end of the week, seeing children who have little if anything and wanting for not. It always seems that way. They are happy with what they have needing only meals and caring. Where we are is mountainous with rubber trees, monkeys and elephants. Far from the common place of our lives.

So they waited for is. The children all sitting wait to be seen. And we did. Each with their own personality, unique smile and their own story when we took the time to ask. They were happy despite all that they faced and gave us hope that they will be okay. The project teachers, the principal and the pastor were clearly engaged with the children and cared deeply about them. It seems that when we are this far from what we know as comfortable, we are amazed at the resilience of the children who live in an environment that we would have second thoughts about loving there ourselves. But isn't it true that if there are people who care enough to "care" are there for us, we can endure. And that is what I saw today. Teachers, pastors and staff who take care of, care about and care for the children. I can't ask for anything more.

On all things give thanks,