Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cambodia clinica Day 2

Sometimes we can’t hide from the truth. The truth therefore is…we didn’t see many patients today. I could be a great wordsmith and write around the fact that we waited and waited and waited some more for patients to arrive without really saying so, but that would just not be right. So I openly declare that we sat around, getting to know each other, seeing maybe 100 patients, ate lunch, went on a walk, visited a silk farm, and wondered what happened. What we were told was that the children knew we were coming but they were all adolescents and self disciplined. It was thought that since it was so hot, the adolescents were probably not keen on riding their bicycles in the heat and would maybe, just maybe, come by around 4 or 5pm. Really? Yes really.


What do you do when you sacrifice your time to come and do a medical mission trip and you wait for someone to show up so that you can help? You question if this was a bust and a waste of time. Truth be told (yep, the truth again), we all thought that. I could show a picture of us sitting around fanning ourselves, drinking liters of water and talking or I won’t. So I won’t. But here is a picture picture of us getting ready to leave in the morning. Little did we know…


Transparency is what we are all about. Truth telling and honesty. Some people just can’t handle the truth (you remember that line from a motion picture). We can however and we aren’t ashamed of it. So, here is a little bit more of the truth. It was a relatively restful day, needed and appreciated. Tomorrow I can assure (truthfully), will be very different. Just wait and see. A floating village is where we are going. We won’t be sitting around, oh no. We’ll be busy. And that is the truth and nothing but the truth.


In all things give thanks,