Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swaziland's Forgotten Child....are we ready?

Teresa Rehmeyer is a missionary and a nurse living in Swaziland. We met when I was there doing my assessment trip for MOM to see if we could be of help as a medical team. She is one of several missionaries there with Children's Cup who care for the "forgotten children" at the Care Points. She sent me an email today asking for some medical advice on a child she knew...I need to share, because those of you who will be going with me on the October 2006 trip will need to prepare yourselves...

A 3 year old little girl was found in the parking lot of Mbabane Hospital a few months ago. She was placed in Ward 8, a ward for abandoned children (some of you have seen my pictures of the ward and have head the stories). She had been terribly sexually abused, physically torn, and had large genital warts that were painful. She is HIV positive as well. In her blog (http://rehmeyers.blogspot.com), Teresa describes her time with the little girl. See if you can get through it without breaking down...I couldn't.

We will be exposed to alot in October. Most of it will be good, exciting, and blessed. We will also be faced with evil at times. The children we will see have stories. The childen we will see have pain. But the children that we will see will also have been touched by the hands of Teresa and Daran and Ben and Dave, missionaries who spend their lives bringing His love to those "forgotten children".

I pray that we too will touch the lives of those children through our medical work: healing as we can, loving always...as His servants.

In all things, give thanks.