Monday, February 26, 2007

Cairo: the 4th day

Muslims came today. Word has spread and Nabil was asked if Muslims could come to the clinic or was it just for Christians. He said it was open to all. And they came. And they were witnessed to. And they listened. One Muslim girl who was 19 years old came over to the clinic from her sister's wedding that was taking place next door. She wanted to have fairer skin and to gain some weight. We told her she was beautiful just the way she was. We hope we shared some grace.

We saw 491 patients today. We are tired, some of us are under the weather with you-know-what, and cranky. But from the smiles we got, the kisses we received, the kneeling at our feet by the people we have come to serve, gives us the strength to go on one more day. It was a wonderful day...christians and muslims in the same room, knowing that our God has blessed us and this clinic for the people of "Garbage City."

In all things give thanks,