Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cairo clinic: the 3rd day

Amazing! 450 patients in 6 hours. We were lucky to have 2 more doctors join us in the afternoon but space was at a premium. We saw more of everything: congestive hearr failure, urinary tract infections, cancer, TB, and on and on. The pharmacy ran like clockwork and the meds got replenished pretty quickly considering we had to send someone all the way to town to several places to get the meds.

A pregnant woman who wanted an abortion, changed her mind (thanks to Lisa). A woman with breast cancer told Troy she was ready to die: Christ was waiting for her. I had to break the news to a young mother that her 2 year old boy had cerebral palsy and would never be normal. She asked if it was because her cousin was the father. There many more stories, but the most touching story is that the love was shared, the grace was passed, and He was present. Tomorrow is another day.

In all things give thanks,