Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday and Monday

We arrived with no luggage. By late afternoon on Sunday 6 of the 9 came in with the last 3 arriving Monday. 1 piece went to Botswana. Go figure.

Right after we arrived, it was off to the hotel to shower then on to lunch. We then visited 2 hospitals, and the abondoned children. All the abondoned children were physically disabled or mentally handicapped and lived in the laundry room at the hospital. We saw a number of children who were really sick and being cared for by their mothers. We never did see a nurse or doctor. Then back to the hotel and early bed.

Monday started off early with 6:30 am breakfast. By 7:15 we were off to Logaba. Tents were set up and off we went. We saw about 350 patients, 88 of which we saw in about 15 minutes: normal physicals. A few cases of HIV, TB, and a lot of malnutrition and one Kwashiokor. We were tired and off to dinner and bed we went. Tomorrow we do it again.

In all things give thanks,