Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eyes open...hearts ready...

On Friday, 9 of us leave for Swaziland to run 4 days of clinics at 4 different Carepoints. What's unique about this, is that there will be 5 pediatric residents from Phoenix Children's Hospital going. They are using their 1 week vacation to experience caring for the Forgotten Children. As one of their faculty physicians, I will be giving lectures, we'll be having discussions, seeing patients in a semi-academic setting, examining patients, discussing cases, and learning. A pediatrician will be joining us who was one of my residents several years ago. My son who is in pharmacy school will be with us as well, and will run the pharmacy. And we will have a support lay person to help with all the stuff that needs to be done. We will be working with the wonderful Children's Cup missionaries once again. Here are descriptions of 2 of the CarePoints that we will be having clinics at:

Ka Khosa CarePoint: The Ka Khosa community is “the place where prostitutes and thieves are made” according to many locals. It is probably the roughest location of any of the CarePoints, but it also shines as a very bright light. In a community where alcoholism, drug abuse, and child abuse are rampant, there is a place of refuge for the children.

Logoba CarePoint: Prostitution, crime, poverty, and unemployment all plague this community of about 15,000 people. It is located about 5 km from the city of Manzini and is made up mostly of job seekers from the rural areas. Water is collected from a community tap and many homes do not have electricity. Currently, about 300 children come to the care point for feeding.

Be with us as we travel, teach, learn, love, and heal. Be with us as we look to recognizing why we do what we do. Be with us:

In all things, give thanks,