Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dominican Republic

We leave tomorrow night for the Dominican Republic. Five days of clinics, new places never seen before, and a country that just went through the effects of a hurricaine. It's wet there to say the least. There is a local team there now who is frantically getting everything ready for us: packaging medications to treat over 2000 patients, getting tents, transportation, housing, food, interpretors, and everything else. Wellington, the Field Director and Yolie, MoM's director for Central America's missions are heading that team. The 12 members of the US team are ready to go:

Kelly, Nicki, Paige, Troy, Tyler, Lisa, Aimee, Daniela, Erin, Placido, Lara, and I

Look for updates next week as we start a new medical mission in a country of Forgotten Children. Remember Proverbs 14:31 during our trip: "Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but those who are kind to the needy honor Him." We go in His name.

In all things give thanks,