Thursday, August 02, 2007

Things are moving...

...a little slower than usual, but it's all my fault. I got back from Swaziland and went right into pediatric critical care mode for 4 weeks straight. I'm finally catching up on stuff and catching my breath.

We leave in a few weeks for the Dominican Republic, a new country that we've never been to before, but are excited about. There should be alot for us to do, alot for us to see, and alot for us to remember. The crew from Mission of Mercy has been coordinating everything for us, and a few of the "home team" from Colorado Springs will be joining us there.

So here's what we are to expect: vitamin A deficiency, TB, some HIV, worms, Dengue fever, falcemia ( a from of sickle cell anemia), and a host of other diseases. We'll try and see about 1500 or so patients, have clinics at 5 of the Child Development Centers (CDC's), and make plans for ongoing medical care after we see just what they have there.
Start the prayers...'cause here we go again...
In all things give thanks,