Thursday, December 02, 2010

Haiti assessment #4

It's all good. At least for our children in our projects here in Quanamenthe. We saw children from 7 projects, and the orphanage, and I examined about 150 of them who looked sick. Thankfully only a few needed referrals to a clinic, and none needed urgent attention. All in all, cholera has met it's match, at least in our projects. The chlorine is being used, soap is being lathered up and the children are happy. We visited the local hospital and spoke to the organization that was setting up a cholera treatment center. I was very pleased with what is available for our children if needed.

Tomorrow I speak to about 65 of our project representative who will become our "prevention specialists" responsible for continuous cholera prevention education. I'll be going over the physical findings and how to assess dehydration in children in addition to reviewing the use of chlorine, soap, and the water filters. I can't say it enough. Our projects are in good shape and the children are receiving the best that we can give them.

And so if you're wondering why all the fuss, if you could see what is happening outside the "walls" of our projects, you would see devastation and despair that is never ending. It is hard to imagine.

So for now, we push forward and in all things give thanks.