Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Haiti cholera assessment #3

I am at the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Cholera travels. We visited 4 of our projects today and I examined over 100 children and found them all to be healthy! A few had chronic illnesses, but there were no signs cholera in our children! What wonderful news! The chlorine, soap and education is making a difference I believe even though the projects are in some very remote places as a picture above shows. Filth everywhere.

The little child shown was sitting in his mother's bed. She was critically ill with cholera. The face says it all. I could not walk away without making sure that the fragile woman lying there was going to make it. I spoke with the medical team caring for her and went over their plans. A few suggestions, a slight change in therapy and we all agreed she would make it. I can't accept anything less.

We go to 5 more projects tomorrow. I'm hoping to see children who have not been hit by cholera. If that is the case, I'll begin to finalize the plans for the Medical Mercy team that will be coming here January 2-10, 2011. One year after the earthquake. We were here then to help the earthquake victims. We went to India and Kenya after that. Now we'll be here again to help the cholera victims. Then onto Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Because one child matters.

In all things give thanks,