Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's it all about....

Three countries, 5 cities, 10 days. That's what I'll be doing when I leave in a few days for Honduras, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I'll be going to several of our projects in each of the countries to see how we're doing with our medical care. We've been to each of those countries, bringing medical teams and teaching, and now I'm going to find out how sustainable our medical care is. It's all about what we leave behind. If we've done our job well, we've left behind an infrastructure of health care that is supporting the growth and development of the children. There may be a few hiccups, a few things not in order, but then again, it isn't all roses with health care here in the US either. I expect that I'll find that most of what we went to those countries to accomplish (having a health care process available to the children) will be for the most part intact and functional. I'll be going to the projects, looking at the children, talking with the project leaders, the teachers, the cooks, local health care professionals, and yes, even the children. I'll seek answers to questions and ask "Tell me where it hurts (where is the health care here not up to par), and what can I do to make you better". I'll help fix that which needs fixing, and applaud that which is going well. I'm looking forward to clapping long and hard and perhaps even giving a standing ovation. We'll just have to wait and see.

In all things give thanks,