Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honduras: Doctor, doctor...always available

There is nothing better than being surprised and happy about it. Honduras has 3000 MoM children in over 20 projects, many of them in Tegucigalpa, some in the north and some in the south. How do you ensure that those 3000 children get health care, all of the time, consistently, completely and without question? You have doctors like Victoria and Francisco with the help of Mae-Ling and her husband to take care of the MoM children. 24 hours a day. Really. 24 hours a day. Victoria and Francisco, 2 recent graduates from medical school in Honduras, had a place in their heart to serve the underserved, to give and expect nothing and to be there for all who came to them. Through a series of events and some divine intervention, MoM came upon these 2 noble physicians and they found us, and the relationship was born. For several years now, Victoria and Francisco have served all of the projects, visiting all of them and all of the children multiple times a year, established a nutritional supplementation program, a 24 hour call center, an ambulance, a central clinic base, and a mobile clinic program, twice yearly physical exams for all the MoM children, and much more. I spent 2 days with them, traveled to 4 of the projects, saw what they had accomplished, and stood up and applauded. Standing ovation!! These 2 young physicians found a place to serve, to give and to fulfill their vision. The children of MoM are better for it.

In all things give thanks,