Saturday, March 03, 2012

Haiti: What do you hear....

I've just finished an almost 3 day trip from the south of Haiti to the north and then to the east, visiting many of our MoM projects, examining the children and checking on their health care. You want to hear that all is well, that all the children are growing, are healthy, that they are stong, resilient and without illness. Not completely, but pretty close. What you will hear is that the children are well cared for, physically, spiritually and emotionally. You'll hear that they are for the most part holding their own, getting vitamins and meals that are nutritious, and that when they get sick, they are taken to a local clinic, seen and treated. You'll hear that we have some bumps in the road that we are dealing with, but nothing that we can't make smooth. You'll hear that I am pleased to see that the children in our MoM projects are all healthier overall since we came here a while back with a medical team and saw over 2000 of the children in one week. You'll hear that the teachers, the project directors, the regional director, the facilitators, and all of the MoM local staff are committed to ensuring that the health of the children is a top priority. A healthy child is one who will be able to learn, to sing, to play and to live life and be loved . You'll hear that healthcare is process, a determined act of caring and curing. And you'll hear that the MoM children of Haiti are better for what has been given, and for what we will be giving in the years to come. A healthcare system that is tailor made for the MoM children of Haiti, addressing their individual and unique needs. I came here to hear what has been done right and what can be done better. I heard and now you have. It sounds like we've done okay, wouldn't you agree?

In all things give thanks,