Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dubuisson: A place of want....

When Medical Mercy arrived 72 hours after the Haiti earthquake, we set to work on helping theinjured and homeless. We came across a refugee camp several days into the devstation, where no medical teams had been nor any help at all. It was called Dubuisson. We stayed there for 2 days take care of over 400 refugees. I came back to that locale today and saw how it had grown, and the community had settled. But there was one area that we came upon yesterday that MoM and a partner US church is looking to embrace. What you see is a church without a roof with mothers and children in there. That will be the center of a new MoM project, a Child Development Center (CDC) as we call it for 100 children. I examined quickly about 80 children who were there, and saw that almost half were malnourished, anemic, had bad nasal drainage and pneumonia.These children are in need of health care. These children are in need of nutrition, education, clothes and much more. It is a place of want. We're there to fulfill the need.

In all things give thanks,