Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swaziland Day 5 wrap up

We did it. Final day of rain, wind and cold, over 150 patients seen in about 4 hours and things buzzing with activity. We finished the week seeing 1111 patients in 5 days many of which were cut short or started late because of the weather. After all was said and done we saw who we needed to see and more. The team worked tirelessly and we saw children with illnesses ranging from pneumonia, simply infections, to complex illnesses, and some significant illnesses which required referrals to advanced healthcare facilities. There was one day when we came across children who had no shoes and had no decent clothing who were shivering in the cold and the rain and wind and team members took off their own socks and gave them to the children in addition to shoes that have been brought over by a team member. Any clothes that we had on were also given to the children that we thought would help with the cold. The team members were servants above all. This trip that was not meant to be for Swaziland but Zimbabwe, turned out to be one of the most powerful trips that we have done in a long time. The children needed us, we needed them, and without the incredible help, guidance and support from the Swaziland home team we would not of been able to do this. Our thanks to them. Internet has been lacking and again I can only post a short message with one picture. I am currently on my way to Mozambique to see how our almost 700 children are doing there, to be followed in two days by a trip to Zimbabwe. As for the team we parted ways this morning with their return to the US and my utmost gratitude and thanks for their sacrifice for all that they did. The stories that they have, the relationships that they developed with the children, the things they saw, the things they heard, and the things they did will stay with them and with the children to whom we came to serve for a very long time. There's nothing more rewarding than following God's will.

In all things give thanks,