Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kenya clinic day 1

40 miles, 2 hours, all dirt roads. Slow going and distant. The sky opened up, rain pouring down and we sought shelter in our mud building  with a tin roof. The noise from the rain beating down drowned out all the breath and heart sounds we were trying to listen to as we examined the children. Malnutrition was the diagnosis of the day. A few children with serious illnesses were identified and set up for referral to the local hospital this week. 

She is 10 years old and complained of fatigue. A history of a high fever that progressed to weakness and shortness of breath. Her heart was pounding so hard, you could see here chest heave with each beat. Clearly an enlarged heart with failure. More than likely rheumatic heart disease needing intervention and care which she will get this week. We left the clinic around 6pm getting back to the hotel after 8pm. Obstacles  overcome one after another. 

So here is the question answered for today: what exactly can we do to make a difference? The answer is simply this: give of ourselves to those who have nothing and leave behind ongoing medical care through our healthcare workers. 
350 children seen today. 

In all things give thanks ,