Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kenya clinic day 4

The fourth day, and 414 children seen on one day. Amazing work by a team of US and Kenyans. Several more children with complex illness, a few sent to the hospital and some who needed extended time to examine. And still we cared for over 400 children.

He was quiet, unwilling to look me in the eye, and withdrawn. Massive lymph nodes seen in places that pointed to a serous chronic illness. I suspected what it was, but how to approach it delicately and with compassion. There's no need to explore the "what". It is the "who" that is important. What we see is not necessarily who we see. His withdrawal was not a reflection of who he was. He was an abandoned child, ill and wanting confirmation of his worth. So, how would you do that? A hand on his shoulder, looking him in the eye and a promise to help. We are doing that.

What we do is minimal perhaps in material worth. I believe that what we do is more than many of the children we see have ever had. And that is the common theme of Medical Mercy. A servant attitude bringing all that matters in heart and soul. Grace.

In all things give thanks,