Saturday, October 14, 2006

Makholweni...the fourth day

Five hundred and one patients. Okay, let's try this...501 patients!! In one day, we saw and treated 501 patients at Makholweni where our new clinic is. The word "Makholweni" means "the place of the Christians" because of the numerous churches located around that area. The many children are left out to fend for themselves. This Care Point is just outside the city limits so it doesn't have access to many utilities and the development of the city. However many people settle here, in order to be near the limited job opportunities, and just outside the city to avoid the local taxes.

When we arrived, there were already about 100 patients waiting for us, and since everything had been so well organized by the Children's Cup team, we started off quickly. The pharmacy ran from the real pharmacy in the clinic, and all patients were seen outside. A few procedures, alot of infections, malnutrition, and more HIV came our way.

A young 6 month old infant was brought to us by her "gogo" or elderly caretaker, since the infant's mother had abondened her. The infant had severe skin changes from HIV and needed to be tested and treated. We did the best we could, giving her what she needed at that point, and hoping that her "googoo" would take her to be tested.

A young woman of 38 years, presented with complaints of stomache aches. Two weeks ago, she ingested crushed bottle glass trying to commit suicide. She had learned that she was HIV positive and was ready to die. I sent her to see a spiritual counselor, and heard that she came to Christ.

There was so much to do, and so many people to see. The heart ache was in the fact that we could do no more than what we were doing in the limited time that we had. We prayed that He would open the doors for us to continue our work there...more often, and longer...

In all things, give thanks..