Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ngwane Park, Swaziland...the third day

There are apporximately 450 children at the Ngwane Park Care Point. It is in the largest urban community in Swaziland. It covers an area so vast, that children who come to this Care Point walk a long distance to get to it. And they came.

What an awesome day!! The weather started out cold and overcast, lending little doubt to the fact that we were in for another wet day at the clinic. Wrong. The weather by noon, was sunny with not a cloud in the and hot, a littel breeze, and a few clouds in the sky. We were blessed, content, and happy to be where we were with who were with. The children and the people of Ngwane Park.

As usual, eveything was in place or in the process of getting in place by the time we arrived. The tents were being put up, chairs and tables assembled, the meds taken to the "pharmacy", the spiritual counselors setting up and the Voluntary Counseling and Testing workers were there. Within 10 minutes we were seeing our first patient, and by the end of the day, we had seen 335 patients, all so different than what we saw yesterday, both in diseases, and spirutal openness.

There were alot of issues today. Several abscesses that needed draining, a house call for a woman who could not get out of bed, a couple of wounds that needed serious attention, a patient with a severe asthmatic attack, and a lot of other pathology. And Pepe came back looking great!!

The children came in the afternoon for their meals, and they danced and played, eating their only meal for the day, happy that love and grace was surrounding them.

There is never a better time to thank Him for our blessings and grace, than when we see how tiny we are in the great scheme of things...holding the hand of a small 1 month old infant with pus in her eyes, comforting the old man who is trying to catch his breath in between his coughing fits, looking into the eyes of a young women with 3 young children who tells you she is HIV positive and that she knows she will be dead in a year and she has no one to take care of her children...and could she leave them with us...

In all things, give thanks...