Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mangwaneni, Swaziland...the second day

The day is cold, and rainy. We arrive at Mangwaneni already cold and wet. This is a community on the outskirts of Manzini off the road to Mozambique and is across the street from the city garbage dump. A high percentage of the people in the community are unemployed forcing them to scrap for food and clothing in the garbage dump. It is considered one of the poorest areas that we will visit and the orphan situation in this part of town is significant.

We saw Pepe again, the little girl with HIV and sepsis, and she is looking better. Another round of IV antibiotics and IV hydration, perks her up a little bit. We'll see her again tomorrow.

We only saw 250 patients today, most probably because of the weather. The atmosphere was different than any other place we have been to. There were lots of men and women with advanced stages of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The children seemed sicker, and less happy. Simply put, there was a sense of evil in the area. We saw those who came, offered spiritual counseling, and cared for those who were sick.

Hope and faith were needed here most...He was needed here most...I hope they let Him stay...

In all things, give thanks...