Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dominican Republic (DR)

So, here it is, hot and humid, more MoM projects, more children, more need. We will becoming here the end of August. There are 5 Children Development Centers with about 100 children in each that we will be going to. Add the siblings, the parents and extended families, and we'll easily see 1500 or more patients. DR reminds me a little bit of Cambodia, maybe because of the weather. The areas that the CDc's are in vary in terms of poverty, danger, and isolation. We'll be in some pretty interesting places. The children over all are just getting to the point of being noursished thanks to the meals that they receive at the CDC's. I saw a number of Dengue fever cases, etopic rashes, upper respiratory illnesses, and malnutrion.

All the people I've meet here are fantastic!! They are very excited about us coming, and the support will be everything we look forward to. We'll be blessed again to serve.

In all things give thanks,