Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haiti March 2010 Day 3: Dubuisson camp

Can you imagine what it would be like if you woke up one morning and found yourself homeless, with no food, no water, and your family gone. You’ve got no place to go. You have nothing. You feel nothing. Dubuisson camp is home for 351 displaced people, about 90 families, who lost their homes, their loved ones and had no place to go. They live here in make shift shelters made out of sheets, plastic tarps, gunny sacks and string. IMG00088-20100324-0955IMG00089-20100324-0956IMG00086-20100324-0954IMG00103-20100324-1042This camp is where we spent today. We saw 360 patients, built shelters, counseled, prayed, taught waster filtration and left 2 water filter systems, and distributed food to the camp. And we ran out of medicines. We’ve seen 890 patients in 3 days, more than we expected and more to come tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. I’m not sure what we will do. The pictures will tell their own stories. It’s late, and we’re tired. Some of the team are pictured but some are missing. They were the builders and the counselors and the pastors.IMG00094-20100324-1029IMG00093-20100324-1029  IMG00095-20100324-1030 IMG00096-20100324-1030  IMG00104-20100324-1127 IMG00105-20100324-1127 IMG00106-20100324-1127 IMG00107-20100324-1127 IMG00108-20100324-1127 IMG00109-20100324-1127 IMG00110-20100324-1128 IMG00111-20100324-1129 IMG00117-20100324-1210 IMG00120-20100324-1210 IMG00126-20100324-1459 IMG00127-20100324-1512

What would you do if you were one of these families?

In all things give thanks,