Sunday, March 21, 2010

Haiti March 21, 2010

Medical Mercy team has arrived in Port au Prince. We have 23 team members, 12 medical, 8 pastoral/counselors and 3 lay people. We have 1 person from MoM HQ for admin and 2 local country reps and our driver. We brought with us 2100 lbs of meds and supplies. Hot, humid, and more hot. Driving in, things sure are different than just a few weeks ago when we were here after the earthquake. The airport has cleared out, the streets are for the most part passable. There are still a lot of shantys around. Yolie (our admin from MoM) said she saw a line of people 18 blocks long waiting for food....okay things are still bad.
We are meeting soon to get the meds in order, have an orientation and prepare for tomorrow. We expect to be up long into the night.
So, it begins. Grace, compassion and hard work. And in all that we give thanks. Now and always for what we have.