Friday, March 26, 2010

Haiti Marcy 2010 Day 5: Ave Fouchard and GLA

It rained last night. We thought of those in Dubuisson and how wet and miserable all those people were living under sheets. We’ve decided to go back there tomorrow for our last day. We’ve found a place that has touched our hearts. But today, we went to a new place, Ave FouchardIMG00175-20100326-1136 a community that is city based, and although devastated, seemed to be moving in the direction of recovery. We found ourselves in an empty lot, down a one way path, with one way in and one way out. A steel gate separated us from the crowd that grew outside. Dustin and Kevin stood guard (no picture sorry).
IMG00173-20100326-1031 Brad (no picture sorry) and Trish in the pharmacy.IMG00156-20100326-0907Aaron guiding patients. IMG00146-20100326-0901

Vicky, Vic, Lara, Sara, Fitz seeing patients. IMG00161-20100326-0926IMG00166-20100326-0950IMG00167-20100326-0951IMG00171-20100326-0952IMG00172-20100326-0952And me…well, watching over things. We saw 120 patients in a very makeshift clinic and then left for God’s Little Angels orphanage.IMG00181-20100326-1413We came to know of them when we were here after the quake. A small newborn, Baby Jude,IMG00185-20100326-1418 had been brought to us by his mother asking us to care for him. He was severely dehydrated and in dire straights. We put in an IV and resuscitated him (go back to my blog of that time). We gave him to GLA to care for and he thrived for a while, pictures showing him chunky and growing. We saw him today and he had developed an intestinal infection and had lost a lot of his weight. He is back on IV fluids and meds and recovering. The children there are all doing well. We saw a great ministry.

And now for the thoughts. It isn’t getting any easier, doing this every day. Our team up in Cap has had a rough day. They counseled over 100 people, many of them children, with stories of loss and grief. Refugees from Port au Prince. We see and hear the same down here in PaP. It’s all over.IMG00178-20100326-1231 Think about what we have and what we want and what we really need.  All we really need is His love and grace. And we have it. So do those who are here. They may not see it or feel it, but they have it. Unconditionally. Now and forever. So, if you can, for a moment, just a short moment, pretend that you are them. Here in Haiti with nothing. A sheet for a shelter. No food, no water. Orphaned children around you. And all you have is His love and grace. Isn’t that enough? God speed your love to us.IMG00196-20100326-1435

In all things give thanks,