Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kenya: August 20-39, 2010 - -It begins.

Somewhere, there are children who haven’t really had a good night’s sleep, possibly because they are hungry, sick, alone, or scared. And that somewhere could be anywhere. The US, Europe, southeast Asia, and Africa. Tomorrow, Medical Mercy leaves for Kenya to be with those children. It’s been an interesting process. The team came together, a few had to drop out, medications ordered, some didn’t arrive, 100,000 vitamins are tied up in shipping somewhere here in the US, we found 100,000 vitamins in Kenya that we are purchasing last minute, we found out that extra luggage will cost a lot of money, flight connections coming home are tight, we hired a truck to take all our stuff from Nairobi to Malindi due to the small aircraft that we’ll be flying with that truck driving 10 hours to get stuff to us on time to start clinics (hopefully), packing over 6000 unit doses of prescriptions, preparing for 5 hours of lectures to be given to the Health Care Workers for review, and…the list goes on. But, is all that important? Not really, because from where I sit, the team that is going, has everything they need. Him. I have always said that the most powerful tool, the most powerful medicine that we bring to the bedsides as caring healers is…ourselves, and what we have in our hearts. Grace, compassion, empathy, understanding, trust, integrity, and love. We are silent servants taking hold of the hands that have reached out to us for help. We leave tomorrow. We’re privileged to be able to go and hold those hands.
In all things give thanks,