Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kenya thoughts

A different type of entry this time. Sleeping can wax and wane, then receding into wakefulness for hours. All this may be due to jet lag, or just a sense of searching for questions asked. We're here after months of planning, the date set a year ago, a lot of coordinating, emailing, purchasing, and organizing. Kelly has lead the charge in all of that and has shined through once again.

Now here's the issue. When we arrive in places like Kenya, how do we center ourselves on what is important, or more importantly who is important. Prayer, being ever vigilant of whose we are and why we are here, and obedience to a calling. Medical Mercy is about all of that. Do we do a good job of it? I would think we do. So here's the question. When we go back to the US, we have our families, friends, jobs, activities, hobbies, and everything that we put into our lives to make ourselves happy. There it is: "Make us happy". What would it be like if we went back home with the same mind set that we have here, obedience, giving, charity, kindness, love and grace...all the time, never ending, always present. Being here in Kenya is bringing out the best in us. It feels nice and warm, heart filling and rewarding. We head off to another clinic in a few hours. We'll feel loved and will love back, caring for those less fortunate. I wonder, just wonder, if I am like that all the time in the US. Silly me. I'm not. And that is what keeps me awake. Trying to understand how easy is to be so wonderfully giving to the children and families we see in the countries we travel to, and how hard it is to do the same in the US. I say all this out of open confession. I am not always who I want to be. These trips do however reinforce the fact that I am perhaps a little better because of them. Humility remains paramount in my life. For without Him, I am only who I think I am and not what He has made me. All that said, maybe I can catch a bit of sleep now.
In all things give thanks,
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