Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kenya Medical: August 20-29, 2010

I just heard the news. Medical missionaries killed in Afghanistan, reasons given by the murderers: evangelism. So very far from the truth. So very far from any understanding of how such hatred can make people do what they do.  But so it is. We, team members of Medical Mercy, have found ourselves on some occasions (Cambodia, Egypt, Mozambique, Haiti), falling within the boundaries of such hatred, within the boundaries of danger, but thankfully protected by common sense, trust, planned security, preparation of the team with clear instructions for evacuation, code words to be used, and faith. Yes, faith. No different than the medical missionaries who were murdered.  And so how is it different for us? It isn’t really. We open ourselves up to danger, understanding that it is there, praying that it doesn't happen, and thankful for when it doesn’t. I make every effort to make sure the team is safe and protected. Many of the members on trips have seen  that. Many too, are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes, without their knowledge, to keep us safe. And yet, even with all that, anything can happen.

DSCF5229With all that, we depart for Kenya August 20th. Right now the team stands at 14 members. The team members are caring souls, who give of themselves to serve others. We will be working along side the 16 Kenyan teachers and pastors who I trained last year  to be Health Care workers. DSC00286We will be seeing over 2000 patients in 5 days. We will be traveling to the coastal area of Kenya, Malindi,  going to more than 8 projects, all of which are desolate, isolated, poverty stricken, and burdened with disease. Over 1200 forgotten children. Forgotten for now, but not for long. We’ll be there to make sure that they are given every chance to live a long and cherished life.

This will be quite a journey. Just wait and see.IMGP1453

In all things give thanks,