Monday, January 03, 2011

Haiti Day 1

With considerable effort, the twin engine 30 passenger plane lifted off the runway in Fort Lauderdale. Fully loaded, and short on fuel. One sacrifices fuel for passengers and baggage. That's the law of lift and weight in an airplane. We landed an hour later on a small island in the Bahamas to refuel and made our way to Cap Haitian. 3 hours later we were at our first clinic and in 2.5 hours saw 108 children, did physicals on them all, nutritional assessments, identified those who were moderately or severely malnourished, did cholera education, gave out vitamins, de-worming meds and other medications and finished up the day. It's all good. We saw some wonderful smiles, some very malnourished children and a community of children who loved being loved on and cared about. There is nothing more satisfying than doing what God tells us to do and we did that today. Sleep is calling. He is calling. I'll answer to both.

In all things give thanks,
David H. Beyda, MD
Medical Director
Medical Mercy
Mission of Mercy-"One child Matters"
cell: 602 228 8983