Thursday, January 06, 2011

Haiti Day 4

You would think that there would always be something dramatic to write about, some miracle story, or a child who stood out because of some special need or story. The truth is, it's not always the case. Today was one of those days. (Well, except for one child. More on that later.) Two projects, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and a total of 180 children seen. No drama, no issues. Just a lot of beautiful children and a lot of love. So there is not much to report really. And that is just fine, isn't it? Having 180 healthy children, with only 2 under the age of 5 years moderately malnourished, no cholera, all smiling and playing is alright. It means that what MoM and Medical Mercy are doing for these children is working: spiritual teaching, education, preventative medicine and assured physical growth.

And now about that child. Dr. Dave a physician who came with us on this trip saw his last patient who wasn't a MoM child but a child of a MoM worker in the project. This young child has cerebral palsy and was already showing signs of significant arm and leg stiffness. He explained in gentle terms to the mother the reason why the child was like this and followed with genuinely compassionate words of encouragement and support for the mother. God's love for all regardless of who or what they are was his message and how blessed that child was to have a loving mother like her. It struck me that those words are the words that our God speaks to us: He loves us unconditionally with compassion and grace. And so when I reflect back on today and see how the children of MoM are doing I realize it's because of that unconditional love. From Him and us. It was a good day you see. Unconditionally loved and blessed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

In all things give thanks,

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