Friday, January 07, 2011

Haiti Day 5

Just when you think all is well, something grabs your attention and you realize there is trouble out there. Today got my attention. We went to 2 projects, both on the way towards the border with the Dominican Republic, seeing about 200 children. Yesterday was easy. No drama, no significant illnesses, no attention grabbers. Today we saw sick children and it got my attention. Not many malnourished children, but more with chronic illnesses. I thought we had those children under control. Not so. There is a new wave of illnesses that have cropped up and we attacked them. Skin infections, pneumonia, and pustules. Did we miss something a year ago? No. Illnesses happens in some places more than others. That's why we go back again and again to make sure we're doing what needs to be done. The great majority of the children are doing well as you can see from the picture above. The thumbs up sign. But the child in the picture below is one of several that we spent time with. Medical Mercy does what it does because of these children. They got our attention today. We dealt with it and gave them a chance to live a better life. Trouble. Not anymore.

In all things give thanks,
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