Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bangladesh clinic day...when it all comes together

(internet is slow and cannot upload much; a picture now and more when I can; sorry about that)

And it did come together...

Six vehicles, 30 people, one and a half hour ride and a river crossing by ferry, is how we started the day today. Chalna project is an isolated community that hasn't seen medical care in over 15 years. The children were malnourished, some sickly, but all were laughing and smiling nonetheless. Prayer was the order for the children.

It was for us as well. A Hindu woman came to Christ, others heard, and wondered if we really were who we said we were. Servants. And we served. 200 medical patients, 19 dental patients (it takes a while to extract teeth; Dr. Bob and Diane were at it constantly).Public health education, dental hygiene, water filtration system, first aid training, nutritional assessments, medical examinations,and dental work were all being done simultaneously, the team taking on all facets of health intervention and training in a distant remote village in the southern part of Bangladesh. A ballet of sorts, one continuous act, and an encore. We came to a village and within 6 hours left them with a chance for a better life. A bold, ambitious undertaking, and perhaps a little glorified, but it worked. There is nothing better than the see the smile after something is given freely and taken freely as well, no strings attached. Unconditional love I believe it's called.

In all things give thanks,