Thursday, October 13, 2011

It begins tomorrow….

Tomorrow at 1:30pm we being the 36 plus hour trek to the southern part of Bangladesh, to visit 5 village projects and provide medical care to children who have never seen a physician or nurse in their life. A team of 21 servants are ready, over 800 pounds of medicines and medical equipment are pack, and we will start our challenge by trying to get through customs. So, let the prayers begin! First, that we are escorted through customs with no fees, confiscation, or hardships. Second, for safe travels in the air, on the dirt roads, and yes, on the skiffs and ferries that we will using to cross the rivers to get to the villages. Third, for God’s guidance in showing us those who seek Him. And fourth, for patience, health, and bonding between team members. I’ll be posting to the blog as often as internet availability allows, tweeting and posting short snippets on Facebook from the clinics using my trusty BB if I get service, and many of the tea m members will be doing the same. This will be one of the more challenging missions. Distance, no down time, little rest, and a lot of patients will be what we face. Nonetheless, we go, we do, we serve. Can’t ask for anything better, now can we? Come follow us. DSC02148

In all things give thanks,