Wednesday, October 19, 2011 it all that we expect?

In a country predominantly Muslim, we came and shared.

Some listened, some accepted, some walked away. A woman with 3 husbands, one of whom beats her. A mother of a young girl with a heart defect. A mother of a child with disabilities. A few hundred patients seen. All that we expected.
Another day and the clinic was the smoothest we've ever experienced. We drove a short hour to Jogipol where the Pastor had the clinic set up and ready to go. Individual exam cubbies were ready for us. The children came, we examined, we treated, we cared. Another day where the usual tracts were run: medical, dental, hygiene, first aid and water filtration. And here is where the story begins to stand out. Two weeks ago, the leadership of the project and church met and prayed for a water filtration system. They did not know we were bringing anything that resembled that. We pulled out the filtration system, attached it to a huge drum, and filtered water that was pure as our water in the US. Are prayers answered? You decide. We already know the answer.

In all things give thanks,