Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kenya: when it feels right

Another day in the bush at a small Masai community called Olootepes, population unknown due to the nomadic nature of the Masai. 150 MoM children though. And another 150 children not in the MoM program. 300 children, all trying to grow. I learned that drought season here is dismal. Children may get 1 cup of water a day if that. The river beds are dry. When it rains the river is dirty and is not drinkable. We are so far into the bush that trucking water in from the nearest town costs 250 dollars not including the cost for the 500 gallons of water. One wonders how they survive. MoM feeds the children and they drink from the sources put in place. It helps. Somewhat. More can be done though.

Atop of a mesa, surrounded by the plains of the Rift Valley, we worked side by side the HCWs examining the children and some of the adults. It all is worth it. Far away from what we know as home, it still felt right. Now all we need to do is to make sure that the water flows and that the children can drink. We're working on prayer.

In all things give thanks,