Monday, January 06, 2014

Haiti day 2

Could it be? 2 separate clinics in 2 different communities, almost 2 hours from our hotel, remote villages, dirt roads, pigs in the way, and 300 children seen. We left at 7am this morning and got hack to the hotel at 8 pm. How could it be I say again. God is good. That is how it could be. I saw it in the midst of a place left to others more brave than I.

I looked around the community that we were in this afternoon and you can see the pictures. And the beauty of it all is that despite the poverty, the door on the house says to all. So I ask you. Could you live here, no electricity, toilets, and all that we are used to and still say "God is good?" Honest answer now please.

We were cramped in a room, seeing children and doing pharmacy. We saw more of the same and less of the healthy ones. We caught a few serious illnesses and prevented one child from going blind due to a serious eye infection. And what about the team? We caught the "fever" of caring and compassion. Smiles all around and a willingness to serve. We did nutritional assessments, put in place water filtration systems, left behind comprehensive first oaf kits and trained the staff, did dental hygiene, did psychological interventions, and treated patients. We left something behind that they could use and benefit from.

So tomorrow we go again and we will find ourselves in a community of poverty and physical demise. But no worries. Because it is only us who look around and say to ourselves "how can they live like this?" And those who we serve say "we'd like it to be better, but it is what it is. So we trust in God and He is good." True story. At least that is what a kind, old crippled Haitian man said when he came up to me when I stepped out into their world to take these pictures. When I looked at the children we took care of today, I prayed that they felt the same way.

In all things give thanks,