Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Haiti day 3

"Why are you so sad?" Dr. Jerry asked the child. "Because I'm hungry" the young boy said. There's not much one can say after that. And it is one of those times when one wished they never asked the question. Dr. Jerry felt the emotion. It is a commonly felt emotion. I leave it to you to find your own emotion to what that young boy said.

A good day all the same. 2 projects and several hundred children seen. And here is the neat part. We again did water filtration that we left behind and "tippy taps" were built for hand washing. Simple to do and effective. We are making and leaving 2 of them in each of the 12 projects that we will have visited.

It is part of the ministry of OCM to feed children the best we can.  Today the children were given spaghetti with tomato sauce, a hard boiled egg and a banana. It may very well be the best meal they'll have until they come back to the project for more.

So once again we left something behind. We identified several children who needed advanced medical care which we will provide. The children we saw today were sicker than those children we've seen so far tomorrow we go to 3 projects. Hard to believe, but we will. I leave you to reflect on some of this as you look at the pictures. For me, I look for rest tonight. It is hard to come by. The mind races with thoughts of things to come for the children that we see and perhaps you are doing the same right now. Good thoughts for blessings and all things good are all that I can allow. They deserve it.

In all things give thanks,