Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Haiti day 4

What does one say when there is nothing to say? That's where I'm am right now. Another day, another couple of hundred children, different village communities, same scenario. It exists everywhere we turn. So what needs to be said has been said. Well, not everything.

Let's talk about "purpose", "mission" and "priorities". How different are those three things for us as compared to those who live in Haiti. I'll leave you to identify yours and let me share with you what I've learned are for the Haitians.

"Purpose": to live another day.
"Mission": to find the next meal.
"Priorities": to fend for themselves individually.

The children we care for are learning differently what those categories mean: to purposely live a life with Christ; to serve others as a mission; to put God first as the priority. So even though they live in squalor and poverty, we trust that with what they learn and experience, they will see beyond the "have not" and relish on the "have" of a life filled with grace and love, surrounded by a community of dedicated OCM workers.

In all things give thanks,