Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mozambique Assessment April 2008

Soon after we finished the medical clinics, I took off for Mozambique with Daren, Teresa and Jason to assess the medical needs there. The drive was 4 hours of beautiful scenery. We arrived and went right to work. Isaac and CArol the missionsary couple with Healing Place Church/Children's Cup have done an outstanding job in getting things going there. They set up a small room in the church to serve as a mini-clinic and stock it with medications. A Brazilain doctor with the Baptist ministry (Maria) comes once a week to see the children. I was very impressed with what they have done so far. The local government health care post where people go for care was dismal. But the government hospital that children get referred to was awesome! A seperate 32 pediatric ward, and a playroom!

The over all healthcare of the children is marginal at best, with malnutriton, malaria, URI's, and diarrhea the common casues of death and morbidity.With time, we'll have the children looking fat and healthy!!

As for us, we got stopped late evening by a group of "police/soldiers" who were loking for anything they could to get us. 3 of them with AK47's flanked the left side of our SUV while 3 of them on the right, talked to Daren telling him we had violated some law (passengers not wearing seat belts). After some "discussion" we paid them off (about $80) and they let us go. You never know what's going to happen next on trips like these.

In all things give thanks,