Sunday, April 06, 2008

Swaziland April 2008

We are back in Swaziland for another medical trip. In addition I'll be traveling to Mozambique for three days to do a medical assessment, and then back to Swaziland to do a three day advanced healthcare worker course. On this trip we have been fortunate to have Sabine, Donald, Carleen, Maisie, Jason, Kelly, Don from Phoenix, and Jason a friend of Don's join us as our medical team.

As always, we were met by Darren and Teresa, and the rest of the missionaries here in Swaziland. The afternoon was a quiet one as we gathered our thoughts and energy to prepare for the week ahead.

I did go with Teresa to go see Pepe who has been hospitalized for some time now with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV. She is 12 years old and now only weighs 14 kg. When I saw her she was continually coughing and was very weak. She was unable to take nutrition and seemed severely withdrawn. She was apprehensive and afraid. Having just seen her a year ago she was clearly a different child. I couldn't bring myself to take her picture.

There is a lot to talk about regarding her long-term care what she is going through. I hope to have a care conference with all the wonderful people who have been caring for her here so that we can look at the difference between keeping her alive and ensuring that she has a life. We all want to do things for her and not to her. There is an end to all things. The taskmaster is deciding when that end is.

Be with us as we begin our week. Be with Pepe.

In all things give thanks,