Saturday, April 12, 2008

Swaziland April 2008: Day 5 and summary

Day 5: Maphiveni

We traveled about 1 1/2 to two hours north almost to the border Mozambique. A Mercy center has been established in that area. Because of arrival time and departure time we see only saw about 156 patients. But those patients were some of the sicker patients that we've seen all week since that part of the country that we were in has a high incidence of HIV with approximately 90% of the population being HIV-positive less than five to 10% of those receiving ARVS. We saw number of young children, some as young as 10 months of age with mothers who had been HIV-positive while pregnant never receiving HIV treatment, thereby ensuring that their children were positive. We saw significant amount of malnutrition, tuberculosis, and overall general poor health.

The week has gone by quickly when we look back to see what we have done. It was quite amazing:

Madonsa: 322 patients.
Makholweni: 400 patients.
Logoba: 422 patients.
Zombodze: 438 patients.
Maphiveni: 156 patients.

Total: 1738 patients seen

Total Medication perscriptions dispensed: 5500
Total indiviudal pills, ointments, drops, etc dispensed: 22,000
Total reading glasses given: 400
Total who got HIV testing: 375
Total seen in spiritual counseling: 1738
Total number of people who participated in working the week of clinics(US medical team, local missionaries, teachers, interperetors, drivers, cooks, HIV testers,pastors,and alot more): 220

The whole team (US and local) was incredible. We all came together within the first few hours of the trip and work very well together. The missionaries here in Swaziland, the teachers, the pastors, the interpreters, the drivers, the cooks, and many many more who helped us, worked as a team with a singular and common purpose: to be Christ's servants to those who are vulnerable and ill. It has been quite the week, and quite the experience. God does some incredible things, and puts people together for a purpose.

Two residents, husband and wife Philip and Kathleen, from Baylor joined us on the last day, We were blessed find out that they were believers. It was awesome to see them openly pray with their patients and to be a part of our devotions. To see unexpected people join our group who embrace our mission is simply God's work.

The medical team leaves for the United States tomorrow. Jason and I, and Daran and Teresa, leave for Mozambique for a three day assessment trip. I hope to be able to determine the medical needs of Mozambique and how we are going to deliver medical care to the children there. I'll return to Swaziland after that to give the advanced healthcare worker course to 28 healthcare workers who have been through the basic health care worker course. I'll return home soon after that.

It continues to be a wonderful journey.

In all things give thanks,